What is SemenRate?
An independent semen analysis service for bovine, porcine and equine semen. It offers a novel combination of Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) and Flow Cytometry together with phase contrast light microscopy by trained technicians, giving an objective, repeatable and reliable semen evaluation
Why use SemenRate?

Sire selection represents a critical management decision for livestock breeders. Reproductive capability of the sire can impact the economic performance and environmental impact of the immediate breeding season. Yet, recent UK studies suggest that 20-30% of fertility tested bulls are subfertile.

Previously sire fertility evaluation has relied solely on microscopy and the human eye to assess whether the sire is optimum for use within the herd. SemenRate can add objective assessment of motility, concentration and parts of the spermatozoa that cannot be assessed with standard microscopy.

A combination of technologies gives invaluable information regarding the quality of semen and its potential to perform in the field. All the parameters measured can have an influence on semen performance.

How it works

Analysis selection:
Our lab can analyse both fresh ejaculates and frozen AI semen samples. We provide a report of the results benchmarked within our dataset, with support on how to interpret to inform proactive decision making.

To book your sample submission please contact us. The team will be able to go through the submission process and transportation requirements.

Be part of advancing a proven technology
We deliver objective results
We enable informed decision making to deliver on genetic potential
We carry out independent analysis
We improve sustainability of livestock reproduction

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To book a sample submission, contact a member of the team today and we will go through the submission process and transportation requirements please email info@semenrate.com or call +44 (0)1765 645 893.